Toothbrush with tapered bristles is the new innovative choice as it can reach the gum lines

Systema Taper toothbrush is different from other nylon round tip bristle toothbrushes.
Systema toothbrush uses only super tapered bristles averaging 1/10 the size of ordinary nylon bristle toothbrushes, because it give

a. High cleaning ability of narrow space especially in the gum     pocket to remove plaque

b. Provides 9X* better cleaning ability along gum line while     being

c. 3X* gentler on gums during brushing

d. Despite being soft it has High brushing durability as its made     from high grade PBT bristles

e. Quick drying hence it is superior in hygiene.

The Systema range of toothbrushes are designed to meet the consumer needs that we have identified based on their oral hygiene problems and their brushing habit. The range is defined by "Essential clean, Enhanced clean and Specific needs" to help consumer choose.

a. Essential clean can be further categorised based on consumer     needs whether they prefer to brush their teeth one by one     carefully or brush fast fast to get it done quickly, We have
   - Compact with a small head for an easy reach
   - Comfort for most people, it's a regular 1 inch in size and
   - Full head, slightly larger for people who wants a whole     mouth quick brush. We find most men prefer this size.
b. Enhanced cleaning is where Systema 3D is cateorised in.     Generally these targets users who are looking for function     and are very orally involved, looking for a toothbrush with lots     of features. Also have the habit of brushing firmly.
   - 3D for those who cleans their tongue too and wants a whole      mouth clean. 3D removes 63% more plaque compared to      ordinary tapered bristles.
   - Spiral is for everyone but particularly for those who always      fuss about plaque in their teeth. Systema Spiral removes 40%      more plaque from tooth surfaces.
c. Special Needs are for those who require special cleaning     needs.
   - Bi-level for people who have uneven teeth or gaps between      teeth. Want to improve the cleaning in between the teeth      brushing to efficiently remove food particles lodge between      teeth.
   - Sensitive for people with sensitive teeth.
* vs ordinary bristles